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"Surgery and recovery are a team effort; the patient, surgeon and staff and the PT crew. The "team" at racva Timberlake has proved to be beyond my expectations! The knowledge, professionalism and personal care are a package deal from everyone. I had a total ankle plus talus replacement, which is unusual to be done together. They did not miss a beat..sometimes I was apprehensive and not sure. They always explained and walked me carefully through the transition. I still have a little ways to go but I am so far along in recovery that I get excited about going to PT! The Timberlake Team is partly responsible for my progress. they are an answer to my prayers that God would show me who to go to! They are a Blessing to anyone in need of PT. 'so informed, professional and caring. Thanks:)"
Sep 22, 2017
"Staff was friendly. No wait time."
Aug 16, 2017
"It is my pleasure to give my testimonial for the entire staff at Rehab Associates at the Monelison Clinic for the following reasons: 1. The courtesies expressed to me at all times were exceptional by all. 2. Everyone on staff is polite while greeting me as well as attending to me. 3. The staff is always cheerful 4. Attending to my medical condition 5.Answering any questions I have 6. Giving me specific appropriates activities to perform 7. demonstrating certain exercises so I understand them 8. Asking pertinent questions to be sure I understand them 9. Reviews of exercises to assure that they are done correctly 10.Keeping detailed and accurate data on my progress 11. I noticed the equipment is continually cleaned and maintained. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have access to this establishment with this particular staff. I have nothing but praise for the entire staff at Rehab Associates Monelison and my PT Michelle Camarata for healing my back to normal again"
Jul 19, 2017
"Everyone of the professionals at Bedford have been super! I am finally working without leg pain and feel I am very much improved. I would highly recommend Dr. Hunt and her staff for anybody! They have their act together. "
Jun 28, 2017
"This is a wonderful, caring place. When you come in the door you are greeted with a smile and the receptionist is very helpful and will answer any and all questions you have. I am currently seeing Abbey McClanahan and she is a Wonderful Physical Therapist. As a matter of fact, everyone there is AWESOME!! They all make sure you are on the right track to recovery. The facility is clean and the equipment is up to date and they explain every detail as to what each is used for. I never expected to get injured, or who does, but on my healing journey, I have encountered some of the BEST people at rehab associates in Rustburg . I have to tell you, the first day I went into the door and in pain, they all made me very comfortable and left with a smile on my face because of the GREAT PEOPLE THERE. I HIGHLY recommend this facility to anyone who may need physical therapy. "
May 31, 2017
"Recent post op for a total knee replacement and having PT at the Appomattox location. My PT is Dr. Glover, she is professional, knowledgeable, and the most caring person. I am making great strides, and would like to thank everyone at the Appomattox location."
May 16, 2017
"I met Rhonda (from the Hurt office) in a restaurant. She seen me with a neck brace on and recommend Rehab Associates, if not I would have gone to Lynchburg. The services were excellent; especially Rhonda & Jessica. Thanks B Heater"
Apr 21, 2017
"I got injure in a car accident. I went to the physician, after a month taking medicine for the pain and not getting better. My physician recommended me to do physical therapy. I have been there for 6 weeks doing the therapy with great results. There are good facilities, they have a really good staff helping you and encouraging you. I have to say that English is not my first language and there is Mr. Mitchell that speaks a good Spanish. I'm glad for been there."
Feb 28, 2017
Feb 28, 2017
Feb 28, 2017
"Rehab Associates offers the best physical therapy in the entire area. They are thorough and keep you moving toward your goals with easily self measured progress. Everybody knows what they're doing and moves seamlessly from activity to activity. You have one-to-one therapy every step of the way. Therapists are specific in their instructions and critique what you're doing so that you' do the activities correctly. When they finish your initial evaluation you are given a home program, if appropriate, to begin immediately. On my first visit back I went through my home program to show I knew how to do them correctly. They have added additional exercises since beginning, many in response to my concerns about specific problems. I could not ask for a more engaged program. So glad to be here and look forward to each session. "
Feb 15, 2017
"Everybody that works here are great to work with. I have just completed my rehab. I would like to thank my therapist jordan molstre for working with me and his assistant martha. Would recomend them to anyone ."
Jan 18, 2017
"I loved coming to therapy, I looked forward to it. I feel so much better now thanks to Abby. Jordan made it very fun,everyone there is so nice."
Jan 03, 2017
"I have a 31 yr. old high level cervical injury (C4/5) & am now living with paralysis on my entire right side. I was referred to the Bedford, VA practice for some strengthening & balance issues. Having had this injury for 3 decades now, I have certainly seen my share of rehab facilities. For sure, I have seen "the BEST of them..and I have seen the REST of them". Trust me when I tell you that this facility is among the BEST of them. The therapist that has been assigned to me there @ Rehab Assoc. in Bedford is nothing less than outstanding! Dr. Richard Thom is quite thorough & articulate. He listens to what you have to say & I believe that we are both picking up helpful hints from each other. I wasn't sure how he was going to be able to deal with such a "thankless" injury such as mine whereas there will most likely not be any miraculous change but he is doing quite a good job. I would without any hesitation refer anyone to this facility & undoubtedly I'd also direct them to Dr. Thom for their care. Rehab Assoc. is quite fortunate to have this brilliant young man on their staff!"
Nov 30, 2016
"I have been at this location four times after surgery. I have always been treated with respect. Everyone there is very professional and concerned about you and how you are proceeding with your treatment. I would recommend this location to anyone that needs rehab. They make you feel at home and part of their family. Great Rehab center."
Oct 28, 2016
"When I came in here I was in a lot of pain at times about enough to make me cry by using Aleve on a regular bases the pain became bearable. My Doctor told me to do physical therapy which people told me wouldn't do much for me. From the beginning of my experience all the staff I had contact with were very nice. Jordan was the one who sought to my needs and helped me through my process. In a few weeks I started to feel the difference. I would recommend to my friends and family Appomattox especially Jordan. Sincerely Audrey Ragland."
Oct 27, 2016
Aug 30, 2016
"Dr. Tatom—Just wanted you to know I am now pain free!! We’ll, I’ll call a 98% improvement/ pain free. Since the last dry needling I have had NONE of the reflexive “sharp pinch” upon bending. and sitting The persistent ache along my spine has steadily lessened and is infrequent. Standing is not a major problem. I still have brief and mild episodes, but they seem to be lessening. You finally got the villains! That last drone strike did it. It took a while, but you did a great job. I’m still doing my stretching and strengthening. I hope I never see you again. Thanks, Andy."
Aug 23, 2016
"Great practice - loved it"
Jul 13, 2016
" First,I'm very thankful that the VA gave me the out base therapy. I'm also glad that Rehab Associate has help me recover. I do have some pain. You'll have done so much for me.Thank you."
Jul 05, 2016
"The Timberlake Team of Sam Foster, PT, DPT, Brandon Sheriff, PTA, and Zack Clifton. Their patient, Valerie said that they were top notch and she truly appreciated everything they have done for her. She said that with her being in a motor vehicle accident and her first time doing Physical Therapy she’s had a very positive experience from the beginning and said that she’d highly recommend us to anyone that she knows!"
Jun 27, 2016
"“Thanks Dr. Beuerle to you and all the staff at the Moneta office. The treatment Verne and I received was first class and the best part, we are now pain free. You and the staff are very knowledgeable, professional, caring and have a good sense of humor. We will certainly recommend you to anyone we hear of needing physical therapy. Thanks again.”"
Jun 22, 2016
"I wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to you and your staff for all your help with my knee in recent months. I found Rehab Associates and the people who work there to be both terrifically professional and humane at the same time, and I have great confidence in the work you do. Hopefully our paths will cross again, though not (I hope) because of rehab problems. Thank you again, Mark "
Jun 21, 2016
"When I started this program, I was hardly able to walk for any distance and my balance was really, really bad. But after about 6 weeks of therapy, I had regained my stability and was able to walk further and climb steps. Dr. Lindsay Allen helped me immensely and her team could not have been any nicer. They worked with me and had a lot of patience and I’ve enjoyed the whole experience and am now working on my own. "
Jun 08, 2016