Self-Referral to Physical Therapy in Virginia

Virginia’s recent Direct Access law gives patients a new choice. Direct Access (also called Self-Referral) means you’re now free to go directly to a physical therapist without being referred by doctor. The biggest advantage to you as a patient is that direct access (self-referral) puts you in charge of your care. You can choose whichever provider you like best—and what’s more, you can go as soon as you feel the need, so you can enjoy relief more quickly.

Prompt, direct access to the physical therapist of your choice can also bring other benefits to you, such as less time off from work, and less reliance on prescription medications. What’s more, if you are currently under a physician’s care, your can still remain actively involved in your treatment as our physical therapists guide you through recovery.

Physical Therapists are licensed health care professionals who:

  • Diagnose and treat individuals of all ages.
  • Work to enhance movement and your ability to accomplish daily activities.
  • Examine and evaluate patients and plan therapy programs to improve movement, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability.

Physical Therapists Assistants are licensed health care professionals who:

  • Provide physical therapy services under the supervision and direction of a physical therapist.
  • Work to improve your ability to move and perform daily activities.

Your Choice, Your Voice

If your physician refers you to a specific physical therapy clinic, you can still choose another facility or physical therapist.

Your referral for physical therapy can be accepted at any physical therapy facility that you choose, depending on your insurance coverage. Most insurance will allow direct access, except Medicare at this time. Call a clinic near you for more information.