For your convenience, RACV accepts an extensive list of insurance providers including, but not limited to the following:

Anthem, PCHP, Cigna, Aetna, Coventry Health Care, United Health Care, Optima Health, Optima Family Care, Medicare Part B, PCHP Medicare Replacement, Medicare Railroad, Virginia Premier, Optima Family Care, Veterans, Tricare, Workers Compensation and Auto (non-third party billing).

We also have value options available for you if you do not have health insurance.

If we do not have an active contract with your insurance, we will be willing to file your insurance as a convenience.

To email us about questions regarding your insurance, please click on the following link:


Many insurance companies provide coverage for physical therapy treatment when you have a referral from your doctor. Some insurance plans will even allow you to come to physical therapy without a referral from your doctor through self referral. However, the degree of coverage may vary greatly depending on the terms of your individual insurance plan. Prior to your first appointment, we suggest contacting your insurance company to determine your level of coverage, as well as your deductible, co-insurance, or co-pay requirements.

Professional services are rendered and charged to you, not your insurance company. We will file your insurance in a timely manner and you will receive a statement monthly for any outstanding patient balance. Balances older than 90 days will be assessed an 18% annual percentage rate [APR] finance charge [1.50% per month].

You may receive notification from your insurance company for additional information that they need to process the claim. Failure to submit that information to your insurance company in a timely manner may result in the balance being transferred to your financial responsibility. It is also your responsibility, during the course of your treatment, to inform us of any changes in your address, phone number(s), employer and insurance benefits. In order for us to honor your insurance, you must provide us with a current insurance card, and we must be able to verify your current coverage and benefits prior to the start of treatment.

For detailed information about our payment policy, please see ourĀ  Patient-Policies-Rev-9.13.pdf (854 downloads)


RACV understands that the costs associated with physical therapy treatment can be burdensome as insurance companies are shifting a greater portion of medical costs to the patient.

We do not want the rising costs and stress concerning the ability to pay for treatment to prevent you from achieving your treatment goals.

If the cost associated with your treatment is causing concern, please contact our billing office to discuss the options that we can offer.