High School and Collegiate


Plyometric Clinics

Rehab Associates provides sport specific injury prevention programs to various local high schools, colleges and the United Soccer League.  These programs focus heavily on plyometrics and agility training.

This training has been proven to decrease the risk of injury in athletes. The clinics are especially helpful to female athletes where incidence of knee injury is 6x that of the male athlete.

Another important component of our prevention programs is the pre-season musculoskeletal screening where evaluation of the athletes is conducted for strength and flexibility to identify any problems that may predispose them to injury.

For more information about our Plyometric Clinics, please contact Kevin Cope, PT, CGFI.

Sideline Sports

Rehab Associates is proud to play a vital role in their community by participating in sideline sports. Every year during football season you will see a Rehab Associates physical therapist on the sidelines at area high schools and colleges supporting the orthopedic doctors as well as the athletic trainers.

Rehab Associates team of physical therapists plays an an important role in area sports safety programs with their highly individualized programs tailored for athletes.

For more information about our Sideline Sports Program, please contact Joe Spagnolo, PT, MSPT, OCS, MTC .

Clinic Outreach Athletic Trainers:

Katelyn Nelson, ATC, Clinic Outreach Athletic Trainer Brookville High School.

Josh Ratliff, ATC, Clinic Outreach Athletic Trainer Halifax High School.